Cryptocurrency, a form of digital currencyused to make transactions, is an umbrella term for numerous different types of digital currencies. Cryptocurrency initially became famous in 2009 when bitcoin came to be. Bitcoin is considered to be the most centralized form of cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency industry has exploded since 2009, and there are many different subsets of cryptocurrency on the market today. In addition to bitcoin, there is Ada coin. Closely related to Cardano, Ada coin was created in 2015 and went live in 2017.

The IOHK firm created Cardano as a blockchain. The blockchain is a list of records, or blocks, organized by using
cryptography. Each block has a history of the previous block, including a timestamp, a cryptographic hash, and transaction data.

The IOHK firm is led by long-time Ethereum veteran Charles Hoskinson, who has the intention of creating the next
generations blockchain project in the form of Cardano. Cardano is continually updating to become a smart-contract platform that can be used for developers when creating decentralized trading apps.

Cardano uses Ada coin as its form of cryptocurrency. After running a crowd-sale that was primarily focused on Japan, the IOHK firm created the Cardano platform that would soon become a highly regarded and respected blockchain format.

Cardana is setting higher standards for blockchain protocols and increasing the competition. Debuting at USD 0.02
during its launch, Ada is quickly becoming a sought-after trading coin on the market today.

About Ada Coin

Ada coin has a market cap of $1,129,941,728 USD, or 307,589 BTC. Its 24 hour volume is $32,113,820 USD, or 8,742 BTC. The total supply of Ada coin is 31,112,483,745 ADA, and the current circulating supply is 25,927,070,538 ADA. The max supply Ada coin has experienced is 45,000,000,000 ADA.

Often considered to be the “third generation cryptocurrency,” ADA coin was in development for two years before its launch in 2017. It has improved upon many elements of other popular cryptocurrencies that were in existence before it, notably ethereum and bitcoin.

Ada is considered to be a versatile cryptocurrency with new, planned features currently under development by the IOHK firm. Cardano has experienced a decline in market value, similar to many other cryptocurrency options. It has faced both upward and downward trends.

There are currently 1,500 different forms of cryptocurrency in existence, which can make standing out challenging to do. Ada coin has been able to do that by perfecting aspects of trading that other coins before it was unable to do. The advantages that Cardano has over competitor market trading coins is significant for many reasons.

The development team at IOHK is a dynamic group of individuals with experience within the cryptocurrency trading market. IOHK comprises of 30 veteran developers, who also run Ethereum Classic.

Found Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood both are seasoned veterans in the world of cryptocurrency and believe Ada can become the next best thing in digital trading. Creator Hoskinson has two other cryptocurrency projects under his belt, making Ada coin his third to date.

His resume includes Invictus Innovations (which was responsible for creating Bitshares platform) and serving as the first CEO of Ethereum. Most cryptocurrency begins as a generalized outline of the goals and techniques of the project, otherwise known as white paper.

Cardano coin got its start from an idea of design principles, exploration avenues, and engineering best practices. The difference in beginning stages is what helps set Ada coin up for success. Once they got started, the developers at the IOHK firm made the project’s research open source, which is typical with science endeavors but atypical with cryptocurrency coding projects.

More often than not, cryptocurrency projects contain code that has been copied. The IOHK developers opened their work up for peer review, which is unheard of in the cryptocurrency world.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrency, Cardano was built almost entirely from scratch by the IOHK developers on a platform known as Haskell. Haskell is a system that was created to be more advanced than conventional platforms, to reduce the number of errors made from coding. This type of programming set Ada coin and Cardano up for success from the get-go.


ada coin

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After the integration of IOTA and Ripple coin, Ada exploded onto the scene of the low-cost trading coin. These lower priced cryptocurrency options continue to grow in market value, and Ada coin is no exception.

It seems that these particular forms of cryptocurrency are always in the news for a steady increase in growth. Ada coin experienced a growth of 400% and reached its highest price recorded at 0.41 USD on December 16th, 2017.

With this spike in growth, Cardano became the sixth highest ranking coin, narrowly missing IOTA and other trading options. One of the most innovative aspects of ADA coin is how it separates into two separate functions. There is a layer for the transfer of value, called the Cardano Settlement Layer.

There is also a layer explicitly designed for the storage of data, called the Cardano Control Layer. Breaking the blockchain into two separate and distinct layers increases security for users. Necessary transactions do not require metadata, and the Cardano Settlement Control layer makes the blockchain more secure and ensures privacy for users.

Price Prediction

While Ada coin is still a very new form of cryptocurrency, many factors predict it will have a positive trend in years to come. These factors include the dynamic development team and consistent upgrading process.

Cardana creator Hoskinson told Finance Magnates that he intends “to build the cryptocurrency platform for the long term” and wants “Ada and Cardano to be used 50 years from now”. IOHK wants to compete with TCP IP by building Ada and Cardano to become the best of the best in the financial world. Cardano is predicted to peak at 0.06021 USD upside and 0.0440 USD downside within the next 14 days.

The price of Cardano today is 0.0442 USD, and there do not seem to be any significant spikes in value shortly. Keep in mind that anything is possible in the cryptocurrency market.

With every other coin being invested in and traded today, a crash is possible. While not likely with Ada coin and Cardano, it is essential to keep this in mind while spending. Ada coin is also not likely to reach USD 1 in value anytime shortly.

Future Outlook


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Note that the trading market is always changing. Price and trends adjust daily, and it is possible for a trading coin to have a positive outlook one day, and take a nosedive the next. Be aware of these continual changes when considering investment opportunities.

Every market investment carries risk, regardless of current standing. Veteran investors have a better shot of keeping their head above water when taking on a newer or riskier investment, while novice investors or encouraged to step back and be more picky with their finances.

Diverse portfolios are essential to creating wealth, and ADA coin may be a good addition. The Cardano platform was able to create a better form of what other currencies were doing before it, so the outlook looks positive. While some predictions state that the coin will experience positive growth, other reports predict it will stay steady throughout 2019 and 2020.

It isn’t necessarily a bad factor for a portfolio and may be a good investment for seasoned and new investors. There is an excellent possibility that ADA coin and Cardano will measure up to or surpass the popular Bitcoin, but predictions state it may not happen within the next two years.

IOHK intends to build Ada coin to be as large as the best cryptocurrency players, but this is not likely to occur before or during the year 2020.


Ada coin is taking the cryptocurrency world by storm. With a complex programming language called Haskell and the transparency provided for peer review, Cardano is one of the most popular coins on the market today.

Since its launch in 2017 by the firm IOHK, ADA coin is the central cryptocurrency for the blockchain Cardano. Run by veterans in the cryptocurrency industry, IOHK is a leading development firm for blockchains and coins. By creating two separate layers within the Cardano format, the developers opened up new possibilities for users.

Upgrading and changing are performed much more comfortable when there are two layers to the blockchain and cryptocurrency formats. Cardano also uses “proof of stake,” which means users that hold ADA tokens within the network gets a stake in the system. After they receive with a stake, stakeholders receive rewards for validating the Cardano network.

Cardano is a cryptocurrency to be watched in the market today. Whether or not the current value is significant, ADA coin and Cardano have the potential to become top players for investors everywhere.