It's very common in our society to be away from an outlet for long enough that our smartphones end up needing a charge and we might not be able to get to one in time. Some individuals have started carrying mobile battery packs which are inexpensive and may be able to charge a phone multiple times.

Having a battery pack attached to a minimalist wallet that can also fit in a pocket or purse sounds like a great alternative to carrying multiple objects that may be large or bulky. Since minimalism has taken off as the latest trend, it's convenient to also have a backup power source for your phone without the bulk of a separate battery.

What Is Atomic Charge Wallet and How Does It Work?

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The Atomic Charge Wallet is an aluminum wallet with rugged styling that is also water resistant and includes a battery for charging a device. This wallet has an RFID blocking liner that can protect your credit cards and also store the things you need.

This wallet has a lot of features but ultimately fits easily into a pocket or small purse for people who are often on the go. You can also top up your smartphone battery or another device if you are low on power.

The Atomic wallet features a battery pack that won't charge an entire cell phone battery or laptop battery, but it's enough to provide a limited amount of power to hold you over until you can adequately charge your device. Each time you use the wallet to charge your phone, you'll need to recharge the battery connected to the wallet as well.

This wallet is made from aluminum and is designed to withstand being dropped multiple times. Since the casing is aluminum, it is also lightweight, strong, and can be purchased in different colors including red, white, and black.

The casing doesn’t have any hinges on it in order to save on weight, but it does have the ability to hold a few cards and some cash for quick trips. Unfortunately, if you like to carry lots of cards in your wallet, this item may not be able to fit them all.

What Makes the Atomic Charge Wallet Unique?

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The Atomic wallet is unique because it includes an attached battery and aluminum casing that also has a liner to protect your cards from theft using RFID. Although there are many wallets on the market that have RFID protection, few of them also come packaged with a battery capable of topping up a smartphone.

It's commonplace in our society that smartphone batteries will start to run low after consistent use throughout a day. While there are separate batteries, you can buy to charge your phone while away from electricity, those are often large, bulky, and heavy.

The Atomic wallet also features LED to help indicate how much battery power it has left, and when you need to recharge:

  • All four blue LEDs will light up to indicate that there is a full charge
  • Three lights indicate a 75% charge
  • Two LEDs means a 50% charge
  • One LED will light up when there’s a 25% charge remaining

This wallet also has an interior accordion style organizer to help keep your wallet organized and your cards easily accessible. Other wallets frequently have just an empty case, but the accordion style insert in the Atomic wallet means that you can quickly get your card out without having to shift around a pile of cards and cash.

At 3.53 ounces, this wallet is also quite lightweight with other competitors' products coming in at around 5 ounces or more. When empty, this wallet also weighs less than the conventional portable battery commonly used to recharge a phone.


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The retail price for this wallet is around $20 and comes in several colors. Similar items from competitors range from $12 to $20 but have different weights from 2 ounces to 8 ounces. The most similar competitor product retails for $17.

The Atomic Charge wallet does not come with a charging cable so you'll need to use your own or purchase one in addition to the wallet. While these are inexpensive, the wallet also doesn't offer a place the store the cable, and you'll need to find a place for that too.

If you find your way to other websites such as eBay, you'll be able to get this wallet for a discounted price as low as $12. Other sites like Menards advertise the wallet for as low as $7.

Depending on the store or website that you visit you are likely to see different pricing for this wallet.  If you're looking to buy, it's a good idea to shop around first to get the best price.

Public Perception (Other Atomic Charge Wallet Reviews)

Initial reviews for this wallet across several sites were relatively good with hands-on reviews demonstrating the many positive benefits of the wallet. These early reviews focused more on the features of the wallet and its construction, without much-demonstrated use over time.

As time went on the reviews for this wallet have become increasingly negative as users report that it lacks durability, and is easily damaged when dropped. Numerous reviews also site that the battery doesn’t live up to the advertised ability to charge their phone and at best only increases their charge by up to 50%

There are also numerous negative reviews citing that the wallet hardly holds enough cards and cash for the average person because the bulk of the wallet is taken up by the battery. Individuals have complained that only four cards and a few bills will fit before the wallet is packed full.

Amazon reviews for this item hover between 2.5 and 3 stars with most of the reviews giving the item a one- or two-star rating. Some reviewers have noted that there are particular ways you need to fold or place objects within the wallet to get it to close, but in general, buyers are unhappy about how much it holds.

The advertisement also has shown that a charging cable should be able to fit inside the wallet with your cards and cash but few if any buyers were able to do so. It would seem that you need to get the thinnest charging cable available even to make this a possibility and even then, you are likely not going to be able to fit much else in the wallet.

Many customers have also dropped their wallet and had the item suffer dents and dings that further prevent it from holding items or closing. It would also seem that the wallet is prone to breaking and the top separates from the bottom part that also contains the battery.

Most of the reviews on Amazon are from buyers reporting that in general, the wallet is far too small for them to use as their only wallet, and they'd be forced to carry a second wallet for additional cards and cash which defeats the entire point of this wallet.

There is also some debate about how effective the RFID technology is on this wallet and how well users can expect it to work in their daily lives. There is no proof of any kind that this wallet has a real RFID coating on the inside that works, and users are somewhat skeptical.

How It Compares

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The Atomic Charge wallet is strikingly similar to the competitors’ products, and all of them also have similarly dismal ratings to go along with them. Both the Atomic wallet and its competitors seem to suffer from the same issues while in use as well.

The wallets seem not to be as durable as buyers were led to believe and the battery power is weak in both the Atomic wallet and its competitors’ products. Both kinds of wallets are similarly priced and come in similar colors.

There doesn’t seem to be any difference between the Atomic wallet and the knock-offs that ship from China and the reviews from users aren't reassuring. It would seem that the batteries are the least of a buyer’s worry as the wallet itself is quite fragile.

One key difference between the Atomic wallet and the Chinese knock-offs is that the Atomic wallet retails for approximately $7 more for seemingly the same object.

Other competitors include the Halo Power wallet, the Power wallet, the Nomad Wallet, and the Fossil Charging wallet which all have a battery with a higher power capacity than the Atomic wallet.

The Halo Power wallet retails for about the same price but offers 3000 mAh of power capacity in its battery compared to Atomics’ 2000 mAh. The Power Wallet is the next least expensive option at $40 but offers 2500 mAh. The most costly of the group is the Fossil Charging wallet at $70 and 4000 mAh.

What We Think

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Overall this wallet doesn't seem worth the price and there also appears to be some false advertising going on to some extent about how much it can really hold without breaking quickly. Users who attempted to put in the same number of items as shown in the advertisement had wallets that broke pretty soon if they shut at all.

There is also the matter of the RFID technology which has been a popular marketing tactic recently to scare consumers into purchasing certain items. This wallet doesn't provide any kind of proof that it has real RFID technology or any coating of any kind as it suggests, so buyers are left wondering if it's there at all.

Then there’s the power of the battery that is attached to the wallet. The initial advertisements for this wallet said that the battery was capable of charging a phone twice, but in the field with real users that has not been the case.

With real users, the battery was typically only able to restore about 50% of their phone battery one time before needing to be recharged, and the battery capacity of this wallet is lower than its competitor at the same price.

If you're going to spend $20 on this type of wallet, then you're better off getting the Halo Power Wallet which offers an additional 1000 mAh of battery power capacity, a charging cable, and an additional adaptor. Buyers even note that it looks more aesthetically pleasing as well since it resembles a more traditional wallet made from leather.

If the battery is just a backup for you and you don’t intend to use it heavily, then you might be more interested in the Power wallet which has the styling of a traditional bi-fold wallet and reasonable battery power capacity of 2500 mAh for $40. The Power wallet can hold ten cards and has a full-length compartment for cash.

If you want something that is a little more long lasting and has both a real wallet compartment and a good battery, then you'll want to check out the Fossil Charging wallet which has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh and retails for $70. The Fossil Charging wallet is made from real leather and features a more secure zippered compartment.

Coupons and Deals

To get a deal on this product you can watch for one on Amazon, or hope to catch on a discount website. Otherwise, you may see this product on TV infomercials or their corresponding websites online. "As Seen on TV" is also another website that carries the product but it may not consistently be available.

You may be able to find this wallet at the As Seen on TV store or another outlet or discount store that sells overstocked items at a discount. This item was only available in select colors on Amazon and other websites, but you may have more luck buying from the Atomic wallet website directly.
You can also purchase this wallet for $7 at, and on eBay for $12. Before you buy it's a good idea to do a quick online search as the price of this wallet has varied widely from site to site, with the most expensive pricing being on the Atomic website.