Most cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, have a reason for their existence. The developers or owners have a goal or statement they want to make, a niche to fill that they feel others could not match. Bitcoin is the primary mover in the crypto world; Ripple intends to replace banks and make foreign currency exchange easier, Nano is for technology/Internet service exchange, and so on.

There’s no way to catalog every cryptocurrency that comes out simply because there are too many of them. That fact, in itself, creates a potential niche, which is where Cindicator comes in. Cindicator is a financial and machine learning aid that rewards its members based on predictions.

Because artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as financial analysis, are becoming increasingly dominated by machines, the relevant systems have to have a way to do this. Cindicator is one such system. By rewarding users for making accurate predictions, it gamifies the system in a way and uses the results to bolster computers’ means of learning.

The rewards come in the form of CND coin, which is a cryptocurrency. Users can then take that crypto and exchange it for another crypto, which in turn transfers to a fiat currency like the dollar, yen, or euro. The more accurate your predictions are, the more tokens you get and the more money you make.

How to Get Started

To get started with Cindicator and earn CND coins, you need to go to the main website. It is completely free to create an account. If you prefer to work on a smartphone, you can download an app. Both iOS and Android versions exist, so you don’t have to feel excluded because you own a particular smartphone.

To create an account, go to the website, look for the “Get Started” link, and follow the prompts. Enter your information where you need to. Remember to keep this information secure, and keep your online wallet secure. You don’t want to lose access to all your CND because you deleted data. Once it’s gone, it’s irretrievable.

After you have an account with Cindicator, check the main page each day for the opportunity to make predictions. Don’t just guess; make an educated guess. It helps to do your research. If you’re a financial analyst, follow the stock market, or otherwise are familiar with the system, it makes it more likely that you’ll guess correctly.

Even if you’re wrong, you’ll still reap a small reward for participating in the exercise, though not as much as if you guessed correctly.

For example, you might be asked “Will Google’s stock rise or fall during Period X - Y?” If you answered “rise,” you’d likely be right and be entitled to a share of whatever the pool of money was. Some financial questions require extensive research; some might almost be common sense depending on how much attention you pay to the news and companies’ performance.

How are Tokens Distributed?

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Don’t think that just because you’re good at reading the way the financial winds blow that this is a get-rich-quick opportunity. It isn’t. Only 1 percent of the tokens are in the pool because of the requests are sent back out to the competitors. Most of it goes to the company and the token sale contributors. If you can get past that, it can be a rewarding experience.

You can’t just buy tokens with fiat currency, however; you have to purchase them as exchanged tokens.

What’s New with Cindicator?

Firstly, the Cindicator Bot, which was first released in 2017, continues to receive refinements for predictions based on user input. It has gotten to the point of providing predictions with about 61% accuracy. While this may seem low, bear in mind the volatility of the market. Therefore, this is a somewhat impressive figure. The overall usage of the Cindicator Bot has increased by more than 200 percent since its introduction in 2007.

Cindicator also helped to expand crypto mining into Russia by sending representatives to speak at a keynote forum in Moscow in December of 2018. Some of the topics covered were how to efficiently set up crypto mining equipment like servers. Mining for the cryptocurrency, while not something you can do with CND coin, is one method of gaining it.

Unfortunately, mining is extremely energy and resource-intensive. It can cost more to obtain a token than the token is worth, especially if you have to split the proceeds with other nodes on the network.

Other topics of discussion included safe trading and security concerns like learning how to spot a fraudulent miner.

Representatives from Cindicator collaborated with Revain and other experts in the field. The aim of the seminar was to promote the ecologically-responsible mining of cryptocurrency to lessen the damage the practice causes to the environment through energy usage.

Another important step that Cindicator took as a company to promote their hybrid intelligence technology and other products was to expand business operations into South Korea, in 2018, almost 20 percent of CND coins trading occurred through South Korean servers, indicating that it could have the potential for a strong market.

By making products available in Korean-language use and operating directly in Seoul, the access for Korean users to use CND coins and other cryptocurrencies should increase dramatically.

Therefore, Cindicator decided to expand into South Korea for several reasons:

  • South Korea has a highly tech-savvy user base
  • Regulation for cryptocurrency has advanced, making the market safer
  • Cryptocurrencies are, by South Korean law, exempt from capital gains tax

In fact, because of South Korea’s increasing importance on the world stage, if many people in this country decide to adopt cryptocurrency, it’s possible that the rest of the world will follow. Physical currency isn’t as popular as it once was, and debit cards are a potential security risk.

Cryptocurrency is completely untraceable except by the two people who initiate the transaction.

It is also not tied to traditional exchange markets. It can be used anywhere in the world without worrying about exchange or transfer fees between countries. When a business conducts thousands of international transfers daily, the fees can start to add up. With crypto, these fees aren’t present.

Another advantage of cryptocurrency is the near impossibility of fraud. Because transactions are completely digital, a user cannot reverse them. Any fraud or attempted fraud is noticed and rapidly corrected by the network. Cryptocurrency operates mostly via blockchain network technology, which uses computers to solve complicated math equations that produce currency.

Getting CND Coin

As we’ve mentioned, you cannot buy CND tokens with fiat currency. You must have some existing cryptocurrency to use CND unless you create an account with Cindicator. BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum are likely your best bet.

To start, you need an account on an exchange service like CoinBase. From here, you can start by buying the cryptocurrency of your choice. Because we’re ultimately looking for CND which is an ERC-20-based token, you need to have an Ethereum wallet.

After you have your wallet, create an account on a market-sharing site like Binance, which is where you can start trading for CND by using the currency of your choice. Make sure to link your wallet to this site, because it’s where your tokens will go. Although we suggested Ethereum, you can also use BitCoin or another token.

Then, either hold on to the CND or sell it for another cryptocurrency to be converted into your country’s currency. This is the best way for you to make money with cryptocurrency. However, doing it this way means you have to keep a constant eye on the market.

CND tokens are intended for use by the financial sector anyway, so you may already be used to reading the market. Depending on how the market treats your currency of choice, you can either hold on to what you have or wait to see how it progresses.

CND Price Prediction

Because of Cindicator’s investments into South Korea in particular, the price of Cidicator tokens is expected to rise in 2019 and throughout. At the end of 2018, for instance, the price of CND was about $0.009, or less than a cent per token. One market prediction we saw placed  CND on a continuous bull, or rising, market for the next several years.

We cannot say for sure what any market will do, but with the increased value of the financial sector and the recent inroads Cindicator has made into previously untapped markets, it’s safe to say that CND tokens might be a good investment for the near future.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for some cryptocurrency that has a point to it and has less volatility than other currencies, you might want to go with CND coins. Not only do they have serious potential for growth, but they can also be exchanged easily on a multitude of markets. Remember to exercise all due caution when investing in any cryptocurrency.