Curious coin is an unusual currency used in the game World of Warcraft. The coins were added to the game in Legion during a 2016 expansion, and players need a character level of at least 110 to use them.

Legion, which is the sixth expansion to the huge multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft, was released in 2015. The expansion introduced dungeons and raids, artifact weapons, and more, allowing players to level up to 110 from a cap of 100 in previous editions of the game.

The coins are warm to the touch, and when you hold the coins in your hand, they gently vibrate. In the game, you can use this money to procure the items you need from the Ethereal vendor and Vault Keeper of the Void, Xur’ios, who is located in Dalaran in the Broken Isles.  

Where Do I Get the Coins?

To find these coins, you need to complete various Broken Isles content such as dungeon and raid bosses (at all difficulty levels) or Emissary caches that include completing at least four world quests. You will also need to head to Argus in addition to the Broken Isles, where you’ll find rare treasure chests and spawns.

Finally, completing mythic and challenger’s caches or winning battlegrounds will reward you with these coins.

As you play, you will accumulate the coins naturally, earning more each time you level up. Most players suggest not farming for coins themselves, but simply playing the game. Drop chances are figured out based on the number of objectives you complete anyway, so exploring dungeons, completing world quests, and exploring the world are the best ways to earn coins.

What Can You Buy with Curious Coins?

The magical goods Xur’ios sell changes each day. You can see what he’s selling today on the Wowhead front page under Today in Broken Isles. To find Xur’ios, head to the Antonidas Memorial, which according to Wowpedia, the ultimate guide on World of Warcraft, is located between Sunreaver’s Sanctuary in Darlaran and the Magus Commerce Exchange.

The monument itself was built to honor the previous leader of the Kirin Tor people, Archmage Antonidas. He was the Grand Magus of the Kirin Tor who was murdered just before Dalaran fell. The statue depicts him holding his weapon and a spell helps the statue hover over the grass.

Locate the statue in Dalaran, which is on the Northern bank of the Broken Isles. When you arrive, turn left to find the statue. Xur’ios stand between the bank
and the statue.

Xur’ios will have two main types of items: some that rotate and others that are always available for sale. The items you’ll find always available will include profession recipes for trades like blacksmithing, leatherworking, engineering, enchanting, or inscription. Each of these items normally cost one coin.

Rotated items are typically the items that are harder to find, and they will rotate each day. The same item may be on sale for multiple days in a row, but players never know when it may rotate again. These special items vary in cost, with the lowest items priced at 50 coins. The items known to rotate in Xur’ios’ stash include player buffs, enchantments, mounts, and follower equipment.

After you find Xur’ios, you can use your coins to purchase magical items such as:

  • The Arcadian War Turtle – For 150 coins, you can dominate
    with this mountable war turtle.
  • Fixed recipes – Including Flamespike, Leather love seat, and more.
  • Goods – Vary, but include consumable things like Gjallar’s horn, Ingram’s puzzle, or Krota’s
    shield and toys like the Mote of Light.
  • Techniques – Learn how to inscribe, for example, with Straszan Mark.
  • Schematics – Engineering schematics like the Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix can help your game by allowing non-goblin and gnome hunters to tame a mechanical pet.

It’s important to select wisely though, as you can only purchase one item each day. Fixed recipes are available at any time, as long as you have a coin. There are six total rare items, and these will vary every day and some items are cooler than others.

Curious Coin News and Price Predictions

Long-time World of Warcraft players may have noticed changes in the coins since their addition to the game. The items you can buy with the coins changes every day, so if you’re looking for a specific item, you must check in with Xur’ios regularly to see what he has for sale.

You can’t really farm the coins, as you earn them from playing the game. Basically, instead of earning loot as you would in a traditional game, you earn curious coins for certain actions. Most players allow them to build up as they play without much of a thought.

The most widely-affecting recent change came with the 7.1.5 patch, which increased the drop-rate of the coins.

However, the drop-rate in Legion is extremely low. In fact, the rate is much lower than any of the Legendary items added to the game. Expect the Arcadian War Turtle to be the most difficult item to obtain since the patch.

The future of the coin remains uncertain.

Many World of Warcraft fans hope the game removes the coins altogether, stating that there aren’t enough options to purchase anything worthwhile with the coins. Some players would rather have loot or less disappointing options in the store, while others enjoy the added chance to earn loot and select their choice.

Most enthusiastic players aim to earn enough coins to purchase the turtle mount, which is perhaps the best and most rare item the store has to offer. At 150 coins, it takes players a lot of play time to build up enough coins. Even when they do, the turtle is the rarest find out of all Xur’ios’ magical items. Players must head to Xur’ios multiple times, sometimes taking months until they see the turtle for sale.

The reward that many players would like to see added to the game is the ability to transfer these coins into other forms of currency they can use in the game similar to the way you can transfer money.

World of Warcraft is full of various types of currencies and honor systems, including:

  • Pet Charms
  • Nerhershards
  • Honor Marks
  • Argunite

There are also other items used as currencies, which are represented in your character’s inventory list. Common items include:

  • Halaa Research Token
  • Holy Dust
  • Mark of Honor Hold
  • Glowcap
  • Halla Battle Token
  • Winterfin Clam
  • Mark of Thrallmar
  • Arcane Rune
  • Sunmote
  • Spirit Shard

Among these many other currency options, curious coin is becoming more widely available and dropping more often. They’re hard to get, but the creators changed the drop rate with path 7.1, 7.2, and even 7.2.5.

Paragon boxes now, with the new update, can hand out two coins instead of just one at a time.

Another change with newer updates is that the coins dropped in raids and dungeons aren’t simply sitting out. The bosses might drop a bit more coins, but the main difference is that they don’t appear like a drop. They appear in your stash, and you may not even notice the coin drop while you play.

This means more players can purchase more items and enchants to complete different tasks, like take supplies from your enemy’s corpses with the Boon of the Nether or transform into an astral-form with the toy, the Mote of Light.

You can protect yourself with the shield, damage your enemies with fire, or even receive a random piece of equipment once per week.

If you don’t want to waste coins, you don’t need to worry. Most purchases you make with your coins are refundable.

Theshoulder enchants also allows you to get away with more refunds to trade for the items you want.

Many of the items can also only be used once per week or so, with a seven-day cooldown time before players can use them again. Some players think the items available aren’t worth the price or the cooldown time considering what they are used for. Collector’s items like the toy or mount are more for bragging rights than use, and new items are widely welcomed.

Items that players could sell for a profit, for example, is a highly suggested alteration to the game. Unique equipment items like more toys or pets could be sold at the Auction House, allowing players to essentially transfer these coins into other benefits in the game.

Another huge change players would like to see involves the way the coins link to accounts. If the recipes could bind to your account, for example, you could transfer them between your alternative
accounts. Instead, you need to build up the number of coins under each name.

A Final Word

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​Image via Pexels

Because these coins are most widely used to save up for the war turtle, which costs the most at 150 coins, players who have the mount hold bragging rights in World of Warcraft. This YouTube video can show you exactly how to get the Arcadian War Turtle once you’ve finally earned enough coins.