A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that is used to make and secure transactions. A subset of alternative currencies, cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular since bitcoin was founded in 2009.

Since 2009, there have been different cryptocurrencies created. Among these different types of digital currencies was dent coin creation. Since its inception, dent coin has become the only type of cryptocurrency entirely designed to deliver end-to-end mobile data exchange.

The financial firm behind dent coin, DENT Wireless Limited, created the cryptocurrency to work with mobile data, not against it. The firm intended to provide everyone - regardless of country of residence and income level - the ability to communicate via mobile data.

The blockchain-based platform allows people from all over the world to connect. The idea was that those in impoverished nations could have the same mobile data connectivity as others within the crypto ecosystem.

While most mobile data users either underuse or overuse their allotted data, DENT Wireless Limited was the first firm to come up with the idea of trading mobile data. Dent coin was created to allow mobile data to be used as its owner pleased.

The crypto ecosystem that dent coin created enabled its users to buy, sell, or donate unused data at any time, from anywhere. Since its creation and launch in July of 2017, dent coin has been changing the way mobile data is used across the world.

The creators of dent coin, DENT Wireless Limited works diligently to ensure that the cryptocurrency becomes a global phenomenon. The worldwide ecosystem is capable of bringing different sides of the globe together for one common goal - communication.

Many users believe that it has become an integral part of the crypto world. Read on to see why dent coin has become a popular cryptocurrency option, and why it will likely remain popular.

Why Choose Dent Coin?

Dent coin has steadily risen in popularitym since its launch in 2017. The idea - to increase the availability of communication for all people - is a significant reason why the coin has become favored among buyers. Dent coin has easy and transparent pricing, so it is simple to use for everyone. Purchasing, selling, or donating dent is efficient, and users can trade their existing mobile data for a more economical plan.

The exchange of dent coin occurs through an Ethereum blockchain, which is a free distributing base and exchanging system.

Within the Ethereum blockchain platform, which has gained traction to become to most popular blockchain database, dent coin contracts load and are used.

Cryptocurrency has enabled companies to swap data more easily than before. Telcos, or telecommunication companies, are thriving with the use of the numerous different types of digital currencies.

The market of mobile data trading will become highly competitive, to the advantage of the consumer.

Soon, cryptocurrency exchange will become a staple in analyzing mobile data pricing around the world. The blockchain format of trading will allow for better competition, increased transparency, and more efficient usage of mobile data.

Cryptocoin utilization within the format that dent coin has created can improve the mobile data sharing economy. Taking out the middleman allows for peer-to-peer lending, which is the type of network the creators of dent coin intend to build for the mobile data industry. Concerning international roaming charges, dent coin eliminates the excess costs associated with them.

When users have the option to buy, sell, and donate mobile data, there is no longer a need for international roaming charges. Instead, users choose the plans that work better for them. Dent coin also automates the buying and selling process of data. It streamlines the process of choosing the correct plan from local sellers in their area.

This aspect of purchasing dent coin allows the buyers to browse and compare mobile data plans. Note that dent coin is not mineable - it requires a purchase and users can choose from multiple different exchanges.

Users must purchase coins through HitBTC, Kucoin, or Coinrail, and must have an appropriate wallet that supports dent coin storage. Dent coin compares to Bitcoin, another cryptocurrency, but the two vary in many ways. Bitcoin is mineable, where dent coin is not. Dent coin runs on a new trading platform, where bitcoin is more limited to a specific blockchain.


As with many forms of cryptocurrency, dent coin is consistently changing in the crypto market. It peaked in January 2018 at its highest worth, at 918,153,470 USD market cap. During January 2019, it has fallen to 19,137,111 USD market cap.

Although dent coin trades globally, Indonesia became the first country to reach 100 million dent token usage in a single day.

The dent usage measures on devices as mobile data. Bangladesh comes in second with 22,782,497 users within 24 hours.

DENT Wireless Limited plans on introducing global voice calls to the dent mobile data platform. The dent app has reached 8.3 million users and continues to gain popularity.

Dent has been in a bearish cycle in the cryptocurrency market. Bearish means that share prices are falling, with no increase in sight. Dent has been considered to be in a bearish market for the last 12 months.

Price Prediction

While dent has gained traction in the mobile data trading industry, there is evidence that it may be a bad long-term investment. Dent coin has a low market cap, which means dents price can easily manipulate.

With the current price of 0.00112 USD, dent is predicted to drop to 0.000001 USD. That is a drop of 100.00% and will not increase or raise any amount. Presently, dent coin will not surpass bitcoin, another popular form of cryptocurrency. Due to the prediction in dent’s dramatic decrease in value, there is a chance it may cause a market crash. There are no current predictions of dent coins to increase in value, and it will not reach 1 USD any time soon.

Should you buy dent coin as an investment? Due to the current trends, predictions state that dent coin will significantly decrease in value. Because of this, it will not be an ideal addition to an investment portfolio if you are looking to make money in the long run.

Analysts predict that dent coin will continue its negative trend in the trading market. For the years 2019 and 2020, a negative pattern is consistently predicted for dent coin mobile data trading.

New investors should steer clear of any cryptocurrency that has a negative trend and chooses another option for investment. Veteran investors will have better knowledge of investing in coins that decrease in the investing market.

Future Outlook

While the current trend for dent coin does not look favorable, there is always a chance that the direction will change over time. Market trends vary from day to day, and patterns very rarely stay stagnant at the same number.

Take this into consideration when investing in dent coin. Today, the prediction for 2019 and 2020 states that dent coin will not be a profitable investment. Tomorrow or a month from now, dent coin could be a lucrative, sought after cryptocurrency investment.

The cryptocurrency market never stays the same. Investments always carry risk, regardless of current standing. Be aware of the probability of increases and decreases in market purchases before investing. Remember to be a smart investor.


Four assorted cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrency invites investors to join the unpredictable trends. As an ever-changing market, investors stay on their toes, and there is never a dull day when tracking uptrends and downtrends.

Dent coin has experienced extreme highs and deep lows. As with all forms of cryptocurrency, dent is always changing.

Regardless, dent has gained popularity since its launch in July of 2017. Dent changed the cryptocurrency game by creating a space for secure mobile data trading. Users now can buy, sell, or donate unused data to local consumers through the Ethereum blockchain platform.

While dent coin has peaked at selling for $.10, it's worth has varied dramatically since 2017. It continues to be a well-liked option for mobile data trading, and the firm that created dent coin plan on expanding the trading platform for increased usage.

The creators of dent coin, DENT Wireless Limited, has plans for expansion within the cryptocurrency space. This means increased communication for users and more natural ways to obtain mobile data. Fortunately, dent coin was created for a definite purpose and has been living up to the hype since its launch. While the
outlook for dent coin may not be an upward trend, the popularity of mobile data trading is increasing.