Overstock bitcoin sales are the brainchild of chief executive officer, Patrick M. Byrne. In January 2014, customers learned that Overstock accepts bitcoin. Overstock.com was one of the first online retailers to accept cryptocurrency. In the first day, more than $126,000 in sales were settled with this currency. Within the first quarter of 2014, Overstock bitcoin sales increased revenues by about four percent.

Things have changed a bit over the past two-plus years at Overstock (OSTK). Overstock bitcoin sales have leveled out to less than one percent of sales. The retailer accepts bitcoin because Mr. Byrne believes in the strong future of bitcoin. In 2016, more banks, investors, and users around the world participated in the bitcoin experiment, in part because of Overstock.com bitcoin acceptance. In this article, we discuss corporate sponsorship, such as Overstock bitcoin investment and promotion, how trading works, and why you should try it.

What Is Overstock Bitcoin Trading?

Overstock is a corporate advocate of the “cryptorevolution, cryptocurrency, and other missions for this technology” (Bitcoin Foundation Keynote, 2014). Today, Overstock bitcoin investments include a group of block chain and fintech businesses. The Overstock bitcoin and cryptocurrency group, called Medici, includes Bitt.com, Indentitymind, and Peernova. The Overstock bitcoin group of businesses wants to “de-politicize” money and allow money to flow more freely between users.

Overstock bitcoin assets accept bitcoin payments. Its blockchain platform, t0, was unveiled in August 2015. In 2016, the company said it would use the t0 platform to issue equity shares. in April 2016, Overstock invested $15 million in a new Barbados-based bitcoin venture. Byrne has said that he wants the Bitt platform to create a btc-based cross-Caribbean economy. Bitt reports that it will offer local fiat currencies, such as the Barbadian dollar, in digital form as a bitcoin wallet. Bitt is working with Caribbean banks, such as the Central Bank of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, to accomplish this goal. Milton Friedman, a renowned Nobel Prize winner in Economics, supports the Overstock bitcoin perspective. He says that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin reduce political forces in the money supply. He predicts that “reliable e-cash” will soon be developed.

Who Uses Bitcoin?

shopping on overstock.com with overstock bitcoin currency

Users everywhere trade bitcoin. It is the first “virtual currency” designed for transactions made on the Internet. Unlike a national fiat currency, such as the U.S. dollar, bound by a central bank and financial system, bitcoin users (buyers and sellers) transact directly on a peer-to-peer basis. No central bank controls bitcoins on the market and no political system directly affects it. Bitcoin can also be used anywhere on the planet as long as the user has access to an Internet connection.

Bitcoins confuse many people but it’s very easy to use cryptocurrency. It’s also very inexpensive to use. In the next section, let’s discuss six tips to use Overstock bitcoin trading and the Overstock bitcoin discount to buy furniture, decor, jewelry, kids stuff, and everything you need.

6 Tips on How to Use Overstock Bitcoin Trading

1. Buy at an Overstock bitcoin discount

Let’s say you want to buy a gorgeous new piece of jewelry on Overstock.com. You have a bitcoin balance in your Coinbase wallet. Coinbase is an Overstock partner. To pay for your highly discounted purchase, click the cart, and select “pay with bitcoin.” Overstock directs the purchase to your Coinbase dashboard. If you’re already logged into Coinbase, the Overstock purchase at the current exchange rate between USDBTC is deducted from your bitcoin balance.

2. Use an Overstock bitcoin discount to buy almost anything

This is how the Overstock bitcoin discount works. Bitcoin price, like all currencies, floats against others in the foreign exchange (forex) market. The price of bitcoin rises and falls according to investor demand. If you purchased bitcoin at a lower price, the actual cost in U.S. dollars of your purchase today may be very low on an adjusted basis. For instance, if you bought bitcoin in early 2016 when one btc = $500, the value of your bitcoins doubled by year-end 2016.

3. Average bitcoin price up or down to maintain a long-term Overstock bitcoin discount

Many Overstock bitcoin users say they can purchase almost everything they need on Overstock. If the user needs new clothes, it’s easy to buy almost anything the user and his or her family needs on Overstock. Some long-time Overstock.com bitcoin users buy new bitcoins after spending bitcoins to average the cost basis up or down.

4. Ride volatility for a long-term Overstock discount

Bitcoin is highly volatile. The price of bitcoin can go up or down by 25 percent or more in a weekend. If you’re a long-term believer in bitcoin like Overstock, invest in more bitcoin when the price dips. Buy what you need when the price rises.

5. Send a gift of Overstock.com

If you want to buy an Overstock bitcoin gift card for a friend or yourself, purchase one at gyft.com or e-gifter.com. Select the Overstock gift card face value you want and pay through the Coinbase interface. Use this strategy to deploy bitcoin when the price rises. To send someone else a gift card, just regift after purchase. You don’t need to wait for physical cards to arrive in the mail. Your digital card is ready to use in minutes.

6. Use Overstock bitcoin technology for your purchases

Use Overstock bitcoin to connect with world shopping, Main Street, fresh farmers market produce delivery, cars, pet adoptions, insurance, and “O.info.” It’s simple. Join O Rewards to get five percent rewards dollars, five percent on dining rewards, and 40 percent extra rewards for your purchases.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried Overstock bitcoin trading, you should. There’s nothing easier than using bitcoin to shop online. Isn’t the possibility of shopping online for less of your income an exciting idea? Overstock.com bitcoin users know that shopping specials and closeouts are rewarding. We shared a few ways for users to shop well on this website with bitcoin. Since there are so many ways to use bitcoin, please share your experiences now. Leave your thoughts if you’re a long-time or new user of this currency. What are your favorite places to shop online with bitcoin? What great purchases have you made on Overstock?