The Poe coin or is an ethereum-based crypto-currency. Unlike other virtual coins, these tokens are created and used to keep track of digital creative assets and develop a platform where users can find curated content. This virtual token is an interesting use of the Ethereum network and has a promising future due to the need to protect virtual assets.

What Is The Ethereum Network?

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It’s important to understand the Ethereum network to get a better idea of how the project works. Ethereum is a worldwide network of volunteers who turn their computers into nodes for this network.

The Ethereum network leverages the computing power of these different nodes to run applications. A lot of these applications are designed to mine cryptocurrencies, but you can also find applications designed to mine huge databases or applications like the project.

Anyone can join this network and choose which applications they want to support. Users are rewarded with virtual coins and other incentives by some applications.

The Ethereum network uses blockchain technology to run these applications. It’s one of the most popular blockchain networks.

Blockchain technology has transformed the way information is shared. Instead of having a central server that works as a main repository, the same data is available on every node that makes up a blockchain network.

In the context of financial transactions, a ledger of transactions exists on every computer that is connected to the blockchain network. This approach ensures that this information is correct and eliminates the need for a central server.

What Is

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Image via is an open-source ledger available on the Ethereum network. Instead of recording financial transactions, this ledger keeps track of attribution for digital assets.

These digital assets include texts, photos, digital paintings, and many other types of media. Content is time-stamped when it is added to the ledger and data is added so that the creator and owner of the content can be identified.

You can use to obtain a certificate of ownership for the content you create. You can also use this ledger to find out who created a text or photo and get in touch with this person to obtain permission to use the content commercially.

Active users earn tokens when they add content to the ledger, curate the content, or indicate if the content is relevant to a collection. While most crypto-currencies reward users for simply recording and verifying transactions on a ledger, requires users to play a more active role.

Content creators can also use to sell their content. Creators earn tokens by selling media for commercial use.

The platform is designed to encourage users to create quality content, organize it into curated collections, and help users find attribution information for digital content.

There is an active community on Github and social media that plays an important part in promoting and helping new users navigate the platform. This could be a great place to get started if you are thinking about sharing your content on this platform.

The Frost API

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The Frost API is available to developers who want to integrate the platform into a website or application. Here are the benefits of this API:

  • This API is an important feature of the Poe coin because it is likely to boost adoption of this platform.
  • Publishers and other entities can use the Frost API to automatically associate digital assets with data about their creator and owner.
  • This API could become a standard tool for content attribution, and play an important part in fighting piracy and the unauthorized use of digital assets.

History Of The Poe Coin

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The Poe coin is a very recent project. It was launched in June 2017. The first step the team behind the project took was to sell Poe tokens to raise money.

A first test platform was launched and made available to WordPress users. Bloggers were able to use to time-stamp their content and record data about ownership of the blog posts they wrote.

The team behind is currently working on making the project more scalable. They recently hit a significant milestone by upgrading the platform so that it can process claims in batch.

This is a significant step because it means the can be used to verify ownership and attribution of an entire collection of digital assets. The platform can be used to retroactively verify ownership and authorization for commercial use of existing collections of digital assets.

The development team behind the project wants to improve the protocol used to verify claims. This would reduce the risks of errors when identifying digital assets and verifying ownership.

Developers have also stated that they want to automate some tasks and conduct an internal security review. These goals show that the developers are serious about creating a functional platform.

The most recent development update dates from November 2018. The developers explain that they have been making significant progress in how tickets are handled.

The team has a detailed timeline of tasks and goals to complete to improve the platform. Having a detailed plan to improve the Poe token is a sign that this project has a huge potential.

The Future Of The Poe Coin

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The platform allows anyone to create a content marketplace. You can earn tokens by creating and sharing content, curating it, or rating how well content matches the topic of a collection.

Publishers and creators can benefit from using this platform thanks to the attribution mechanism. Curating content can also become lucrative for the users who play an active role on the platform.

The platform is a great way for artists, writers, and other content creators to gain exposure without having to worry about their content being stolen. It could also help artists monetize their content, and make small publishers more visible.

There is a great team of developers behind this project who have some very interesting ideas and a solid plan for the future.

However, adoption might be an issue. There is a fairly active community on the platform but it is still a niche thing. There is a long way to go before this platform becomes a standard among publishers and content creators.

What Is The Current Value Of The Poe Coin?

The Poe token is currently trading at $0.0058 per token. The market cap is $13,000,000 and the tokens rank 193rd on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Comparing the Poe token to other cryptocurrencies is not very relevant since it has a different purpose and users can’t earn tokens passively by letting their computer mine through a ledger of financial transactions.

Should You Invest In The Poe Coin?

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There are several arguments in favor of investing in Poe tokens or becoming an active member of this community. There is a great team behind the platform, and the Poe token addresses an existing need.

The community behind keeps growing and it’s an interesting use of blockchain technology. If you have been wanting to invest in cryptocurrency but aren’t interested in the speculative aspect of these virtual coins, the Poe token is a great alternative to consider.

The value of a Poe token is currently $0.0058. The price has been stabled but it has significantly dropped since the platform was launched.

Now is a good time to purchase tokens at a low price. The Poe token has a huge potential because there is an issue with digital content ownership and attribution and the platform is an interesting way to solve this problem.

It’s possible that the Poe token will gain value as more content creators and publishers start using this platform. The developers behind the project have been adding new features to improve the platform and attract more users.

However, there are some questions regarding whether or not will ever become widely adopted among publishers and content creators. The Frost API is an interesting aspect of this platform because it allows developers to build content ownership verification into an application or website, but is not widely used.

The fact the uses blockchain technology might be an obstacle to widespread adoption. A lot of users aren’t familiar with this technology or associate it with cryptocurrency without being aware of the other possibilities.

It’s possible that the Poe token will become more commonplace if users and developers focus on increasing awareness for this project and work on educating users to show the benefits and explain how the platform works. is a unique platform that uses blockchain technology in a creative manner. If you are a content creator or wants to get involved in this project, we recommend that you look into purchasing some Poe tokens or use this platform to share your work.

Poe tokens are also a good way to diversify a portfolio with different cryptocurrencies since it is connected to a service. The value of this crypto-token is tied to the demand for this service, and the Poe token shouldn’t be affected by speculation like other virtual currencies.